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Quiet Screams Debut

Supreme Dow releases his new book,
"Quiet Screams"

A riveting collection of poetry by Supreme Dow. Click HERE for more information and how to order.

Black Classic Book Club
In collaboration with the Johnson House Historic Site, the BWM hosts the Black Classic Book Club that meets the first Friday of every month. To join or get more information regarding meeting site call 267.297.3078, or email, info@blackwritersmuseum.com.

Welcome to The Black Writers Museum!

Black Writers Museum

The Black Writers Museum (BWM) is housed at the historic Vernon House in the middle of the beautiful Vernon Park, and sits along a corridor of a series of Philadelphia's National Landmarks in historic Germantown. As the only museum of its kind in America, the BWM provides exhibits of classic and contemporary Black Literature and its authors, exposing visitors to generations of history as written by some of America's most prominent literary composers. Housing collections of first edition and autographed books, rare newspapers and documents, photographs, paintings, journals, magazines, manuscripts, recordings, and more, the BWM brings history and culture to life. As an educational institution, the BWM houses an archives, library, and computer laboratory used by local researchers, students, and inquiring visitors. Tourists from across America and students from all levels of academia visit and take guided educational tours, and participate in workshops, lectures and seminars.

The Black Writers Museum is open to the general public during regular hours and available for school trips, summer camps, private corporate tours and discussion, and all types of community groups and institutions. To book a trip or group tour call, 267.297.3078 or email info@blackwritersmuseum.com.


Supreme DowWord from the Founder

Throughout the history of America the presence of Black writing has been prominent. Indeed ingrained in the very fabric of American history has been the literary eloquence and vigor of Black prose and verse. Black literary arts have proven to have been an integral element of America's social and political transformation. During every period of American contradiction and struggle, Black writers have exposed on paper what the country and world refused to publicly acknowledge. The literary works of many Black men and women entrapped in America's storied past have provided the framework for America's present human rights progress and civil discourse. (continue reading)


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Askia Toure