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Throughout the history of America the presence of Black writing has been prominent. Indeed ingrained in the very fabric of American history has been the literary eloquence and vigor of Black prose and verse. Black literary arts have proven to have been an integral element of America's social and political transformation… We need a new generation of readers and writers that will pen the story of our love, struggle, life and progress. It is the duty of all adults to model and inspire our youth to read and write well.

If you get it and understand the value of preserving Black Literature;

If you get it and understand the importance of maintaining a sacred space to house the written contributions of African American Literary giants;

If you get it and understand that our youth and adults need to know of the magnificent impact of Black Literature on the development of American culture;

If you get it and understand that it is imperative that our youth grasp and have a healthy understanding of literary skills and can read and write well;

If you get all of this, then you are a Friend of the BWM!

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